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Cls Product/Cls Forever
Cls Product head.png
Started playing 2007
Known for Luring YouTube videos

Cls Product/Cls Forever who was firstly named Pjerry72, is a RuneScape player known for his YouTube videos of luring other players for their items, using multiple accounts to do so. He stole countless rare and expensive items (including discontinued items such as party hats) from many unsuspecting players.

He made extensive use of his self-made program Bh Pro to check if his victims had wealth or not. Bh Pro is a program that evaluates a person's wealth by placing a red skull if the person has 1,000,000+ gp total wealth, or a green skull if they have 999,999gp or less total wealth. This excludes un-tradables (e.g. Firecape, quest items), but includes degradables (e.g. Degraded Torva). His close friend was Mx799, who often lured with him. His acts of luring earned him significant notoriety around the RuneScape community. From the 11th to the 15th of September 2012, the majority of his accounts were permanently banned, because Jagex suspected that he had been selling the items he lured for real-world cash. His main account had also been locked on the same suspicions. Cls Product now plays with a new account called Its Cls and Cls Forever. He and Mx799, own a gambling friend's chat under the name of, Cls Flowers.