Come To MAMA
Total level 2736 (Virtual: 3100+)
Combat level 138.
Other names I S M O, S m i I e, i So
Nationality Turkish
Started playing 2007
Ended playing N/A
Achievements Maxed, 200Millions, 13k+ hours of playtime
Clan Turk Scape

Come To MAMA is a player who has been playing RuneScape since 2007. He began playing after his husband showed him the game. He loves playing RuneScape and is typically on every day.

He is the co-founder of the Turk Scape clan, which is founded to bring LGBT Turkish people together as there aren't much queer players from Turkey.

It is rumored that this player suffers from Asperger's Syndrome. While none of these rumors have been officially confirmed, the signs are showing through his gameplay style and off-handed comments on He was making jokes in response to his chat accusing of him of this, and responded sarcastically that he was actually autistic. Nobody actually knows if the sarcasm was in jest or if it was his way of telling his fanbase about his affliction.



Playtime 13,600+ hours
99's 27/27
120's 17/27
200M's 12/27
Skill Pets 6/19

Skill Pets

Pet Name Skill Date(DD/MM/YYYY) Time Elapsed (total) Start XP End XP Dry
Rocky Mining 01/09/2016 ~95 hours 142.4M 156.6M ~14.2M
Ace Hunter 02/10/2016 ~20 hours 60.8M 73.2M ~12.4M
Woody Woodcutting 24/11/2016 ~9 hours 20M 21M ~1M
Crabbe Slayer 28/01/2017 ~55 hours 63.4M 73.4M ~10M
Gemi Crafting 28/04/2017 ~35 hours 30.9M 36.9M ~6M
Herbert Herblore 01/09/2017 ~110 hours 17M 74.2M ~57.2M

Free-to-Play Achievements

He was the F2P Pure since the bond released(2007-2013).The first 99 he achieved was Cooking, followed shortly be Firemaking.

Achievement Method(excluding beginning[newbie] items)
99 Cooking Lobsters
99 Firemaking Willow logs
99 Woodcutting Willow trees
99 Fishing Trout-Salmon
99 Smithing Steel platebody, Runite Superheat.
99 Magic High Alchemy, Runite Superheat
99 Combat Skills Giant Spiders, Deadly Red Spiders (EOC)
99 Runecrafting Air runes, Low-level RuneSpan
99 Crafting Hardleather boots
99 Dungeoneering Mostly Solo, Med Floors
99 Prayer in P2P
99 Mining in P2P

Pay-to-Play Achievements

Come To MAMA is currently focusing on achieving 200 million experience in every skill, working on one skill at a time.

Achievement Date(DD/MM/YYYY) Rank
Maxed 06/12/2014 Top 1000.(Current Overall)
200M xp in Dungeoneering 01/01/2015 3601.
200M xp in Thieving 28/03/2015 570.
200M xp in Smithing 30/06/2015 122.
200M xp in Firemaking 20/09/2015 698.
200M xp in Cooking 30/12/2015 1039.
200M xp in Fletching 13/01/2016 301.
2B Experience in Total 27/03/2016 Unknown.
200M xp in Invention 28/05/2016 294.
200M xp in Fishing 08/06/2016 584.
200M xp in Mining 28/10/2016 882.
200M xp in Hunter 21/11/2016 321.
3B Experience in Total 19/02/2017 Unknown.
200M xp in Magic 20/07/2017 2554.
200M xp in Slayer 31/07/2017 1327.

Hobbies and Phobias in RuneScape


  • Skilling (Mostly AFK ones)
  • Praying to Zamorak
  • Minigames (Troll Invasion, God Statues, Guthixian Cache, Giant Oyster)


  • Quests (including Tasks)
  • Farming, Herblore
  • PvM, PvP
  • Soap

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