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Conner M14
Rare Photo of Conner
Rare Photo of Conner
Total level 2734
Combat level 138
Nationality British English
Achievements Maxed
Known for Former Owner of LSKK247

Admin of ReaperScape FC & Discord/FC Support of Elite Dungeon Teams

Clan The Order Of War

Conner M14 is a popular player in Runescape, more so in the Kalphite King community. He has been playing since late 2008 and has a Max Cape. His favourite skill is Slayer and is known for his contributions to LSKK247 (Friendschat) and Decimus (Clan).

Conner has no interest in the Completionist Cape due to his lack of ability to commit to RuneScape now-a-days.


As well as the level goals, Conner has a few small goals. These are found in the table below:

Ideally, Conner is wanting to have at least 30,000 Kalphite King Kills and at least 2000 Araxxor kills. However, Conner is not going for them. He is just getting them as they come.

Conner's first goal has been completed as of 24th February, 2018, which can be seen below. With 3 120 Skills under his belt, he can move onto the next!

Goal Current Level/KC Completed? Date of Completion
Prestige 1: Kalphite King 0: 13,594 NO N/A
Prestige 1: Araxxor/Araxxi 0: 407 NO N/A
Total Level: 2736 2736 YES 13th November, 2018
Level 120 Firemaking 104 (21.4m XP) NO N/A
Level 120 Invention 139 (146.6m XP) YES 24th February, 2018
Level 120 Herblore 104 (22.6m XP) NO N/A
Level 120 Runecrafting 102 (18.7m XP) NO


Level 120 Slayer 120 (104.3m XP) YES

13th November, 2018

Level 120 Ranged 120 (104.2m XP) YES

9th June, 2018

Level 115 Dungeoneering 120 (104.6m XP) YES

26th February, 2018

Level 120 Dungeoneering 120 (108.1m XP) YES 1st September, 2018
Level 120 Summoning 110 (40.5m XP) NO N/A


He became a part of the highly sought after PVM Clan, Decimus in 2012. This is when Dutch PVM'er - Dardan, was Leader of the Clan. Conner put his focus on obtaining the requirements to join the clan as just a Low-Tier PVMer and didn't expect to get higher than that.

On 4th September, 2016, Conner was appointed Overseer of Decimus, one of the Clan Staff, due to his loyalty and commitment to the clan when Decimus needed help the most. Then again on the 30th November, 2016, Conner was made one of the Deputy Owners of Decimus. This is an achievement he never thought would happen. Especially considering Decimus was once a highly sought after PVM clan.

Conner M14 retired as Deputy Owner of Decimus on the 26th March, 2017. Following his retirement from his former home, he joined The Order of War.

Friends chats and Discord

Conner's love for Kalphite King has always been there after learning from his old friend, Yassir (Former Owner/Founder of LSKK247), how to partake in the fight and how to perform all roles efficiently. They met in a friends chat known as "LS Drygores" back in 2014/2015. After that FC disbanded, Conner made his own Kalphite King FC known as "K Kalphite" alongside his friend, Zippycd. The FC lasted around 1 year before it was closed down due to both owners taking time out to focus on school studies. Conner returned after this hiatus and joined his current home, LSKK247. He joined on the 26th March, 2016 and then got ranked up to Recruit nearly 3 weeks later on April 15th. He then went on to obtain the "Voking rank" of Sergeant on April 20th. Just 5 days later, Conner climbed the ranks quite quickly due to his dedication and commitment to his home. On May 26th, he obtained Lieutenant and then the Captain (Adder) rank on July 14th.

2 Days later, Conner took a hiatus from 'KKing' and started looking towards Maxing. To which he did, on December 29th, 2016. 5 Minutes after maxing, Conner received the General rank in LSKK247 due to his hard work behind the scenes of the FC.

To his amazing surprise, and presumed joke played on him, Conner was appointed Co-Owner of LSKK247 on April 1st, 2017.

Conner resigned from LSKK247 on the 25th May 2017 due to irl goals but is considering returning as staff once his real life is stable enough and are able to have more time to fulfill duties within the friends chat. Conner personally would love to have stayed as a Co Owner to help out his best friend, Yassir. However, IRL > RS.

As of January 24th, 2018, Conner returned to LSKK247 as the Co-Owner as he has a little bit of free time to help out in the place he calls home.

LSKK247 seen a turn of events on April 29th, 2018 where the Founder, Yassir, resigned from his duties as Owner. The Former Owner passed the lead onto Conner, who went from Co-Owner to Owner, skipping the rank of Veteran Co-Owner. He is determined to keep the FC going as best as he can with the help of the other leaders.

On 19 October 2018 - Conner M14 resigned as Owner of LSKK247 and also closed the FC. This follows nearly 5 years after the friends chat's launch. It's known that the FC will remain open but the ranks of the Kalphite King friends chat will not be monitoring it 24/7 although KKers alike can find one another in the FC which will now be used as a hub.

After the closure of LSKK247, Conner has gone onto some more official roles within other FCs/Discords in the RuneScape community. He joined Elite Dungeon Teams as a Discord Support on 14th September, 2018 and was then also promoted to FC Support on the 19th October, 2018. As well as EDT, he is also an Admin of the ReaperScapes FC to which he was appointed such role on the 21st October, 2018.

His most notable work amongst the FCs and Discord is his excellent Forums work with each design, layout and organised upkeep.


On 6 March 2018, Conner M14 unlocked 'the Reaper' title, which involves killing at least 1 of every non-Hardmode boss. While this is not believed to have been one of his goals, it looks as though he obtained the title while being close to unlocking it anyway. This title was lost with the release of Solak, but Conner re-obtained this in late August.

It is now believed that Conner has decided to work towards the Completionist Cape slowly while focusing on other things in-game and in real life. It's known that Conner was persuaded by a close friend to go for this achievement. Since the decision to go for the Comp Cape, Conner has nearly achieved this goal - His 68th completed requirement was to obtain all of the Livid Farm spells which he achieved in the morning of 19th October, 2018. His only requirement left is 120 Slayer which he should have some time before Christmas.

On the 13th of November, 2018. Conner M14 had fulfilled his goal of obtaining the Completionist Cape. His last requirement was to obtain Maximum Skill level in all skills, including 120 Slayer and Dungeoneering. So he managed to obtain 120 Slayer as his last requirement. He Comp'd alongside his friend I OU, who is also a fellow rank in Elite Dungeon Teams. I OU's last requirement was 120 Dungeoneering.

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