Cord294's typical Attire; standing in the Grand Exchange.


Cord294 started playing RuneScape when she was just 8 years old. She was introduced to the game by her older brother, and instantly fell in love with the game. She started playing on an account that had her godfathers real name, and due that her not knowing that was a problem, played the game for several months, reaching level 37 combat, and was eventually called out by her older brother, and had her account terminated, due to her godfather not wishing his name to be public. After that, she started playing on her new account, Cord294, named after her brothers account, Cord247. Her brother stopped playing after a few years, and even though she too and took a break from it, she eventually came back to the game, but her brother never did. She received her first level 99 skill in 2013, which was fletching, and soon after, reached 99 firemaking. After a while, she took over her brothers old account, and now skills on it often. She eventually hit her first 99, which was defence.

Homeworld Aliases
50, 54, 51, 100 Kaede Kuroki, Kaede Miki, A Gal U Know, PackYakJane, O Pressed, Cord247 (Alt)

She is often found at the World 100 Grand Exchange, or training various skills across Gielinor. She is friends with several high profile players, such as Fire, Suomi, Just the RAF, Intemerate, and others. Often, because of work, she bankstands at the Grand Exchange or in Prifddinas, and makes small talk with whomever is willing to chat with her. 

Cord294 mining at Prifddinas' Seren stones, getting her mining to level 99.

She has obtained several skilling pets, despite the skills she received them in were not maxed, or anywhere close to it. Her luck in bossing, however, is not so good, as she does not receive drops very often, despite having high kill counts. She has completed all quests available in the game, and has received the quest point cape. She has also received the Combatants Cape.  

She is often seen wearing a pink colored Eastern outfit, with Feline Ears and Tail, and an Ornate Katana override or Auspicious Katana override as a main sword, which is actually a Noxious Scythe.

She loves to duel other players with in the Grand Exchange, and is often seen using magic as her main source of attack. 

Since the release of The God Wars Dungeon 2, she is sometimes seen killing Vindicta, but has yet to receive any notable drops.

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