Correct wearing the completionist cape
Total level 2595
Combat level 200
Nationality Australian
Started playing 2007
Correct avatar.png

Correct (also known as Ben) is a male RuneScape player from Australia who started playing in 2007 after hearing a friend talking about the game.

He can usually be found Cooking or Firemaking in the southwestern corner of the Grand Exchange in world 15, 48, 49 or 50.

Correct achieved his first 99 in early 2010 as a free to player. Correct obtained his first ever max cape on the 16th of June. Upon the release of Divination, Correct re-maxed his account on September the 27th. On the 3rd of October, Correct was awarded the completionist cape.

His current goals are to achieve 200m Cooking, 200m Firemaking, 200m Dungeoneering, 1 billion experience overall and eventually the trimmed completionist cape. As of the 20 October 2013, Correct has 700m total experience split amongst his skills.

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