Nationality American
Started playing 2008
Ended playing N/A
Known for Creation of the HNR FC Battlenet
Clan Viking Clan

CrYoSiS MoDe is a female Runescape player who began in 2008, shortly before the HD graphics update. The account originally belonged to her boyfriend, but he gave her the account because she was taking an interest in the game and he was planning to quit.

Pre-Evolution of Combat

She became highly notable for PvP, winning large sums of gold in Wilderness fights, and rushing small Wilderness Friends Chats and causing them to scatter. Among her favorite tactics was to bring Rune armour, an Armadyl Godsword, and Dragon Claws, then use the Dragon Claws special attack on someone and follow up with Armadyl's Judgement before they could teleport away.

In Clan Wars, she was not as widely known, and much less aggressive in combat. However, this would quickly change if someone began singling her out for combat, known as NSing. When this would happen, she would use a bow and hop between the combat area and safe line, attacking her opponent whenever possible. This tactic is known as HNR (Hit n Run)

In June of 2012, during the Evolution of Combat beta, her account was hacked and stolen. Between the loss of her main account and the changing combat system (Which she did not support), she chose to quit.


In 2014, CrYoSiS MoDe returned to Runescape to play the game with two real-life friends with a new account named CrYoSiS. Her skills at HNR returned fairly quickly, and she formed the Hit n Run Friends Chat that's commonly known as Battlenet.

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