Total level 2441 as of 23rd March 2014
Combat level 200
Other names Alakazamorak
Nationality British
Started playing October 2002
Known for A captain in Mod Mark's chat; active on the forums.

Croconaw (also known as Malachi/Kai) is a RuneScape player. He is most known for being an ex-captain in Mod Mark's Friends Chat. His chat was also used for games such as Trivia and Categories at spontaneous times. Croconaw is a Player Moderator and an ex-gambler.

His first account (Wild Meowth) was created in October 2002, at which time he played infrequently until 2005, when he created the account he uses now. On his first account, he had world 1 RuneScape Classic access.

His Capes of Accomplishment as of 2014 are (in chronological order):

  1. Quest Cape
  2. Herblore
  3. Defence
  4. Magic
  5. Constitution
  6. Crafting
  7. Prayer
  8. Ranged
  9. Firemaking
  10. Cooking
  11. Smithing
  12. Fletching
  13. Slayer


Something that particularly stands out about Croconaw is the fact that he does not like "free experience". Sizzling Summer and bonus experience were both strong cases of this, with him boycotting the bonus experience weekends entirely due to his dislike of "free experience".

This also stems to a dislike of easy experience from activities such as Warbands, Runespan and Pyramid Plunder, which are other activities he chooses to boycott altogether.

Croconaw is known to be "anti-wannabe", with a dislike for wannabe trolls, wannabe ranks (rank chasers) and wannabe mods and the false nature he feels that they have. As such, he generally decides against attending Jagex events or any events that are spotlighted by Jagex, as he believes that they are likely to contain the type of people he prefers to avoid.

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