Da Pack Yak is an active RuneScape player who is best known for his extreme luck at random times. He is also known for his role in many clans such as Death on Arrival or DOA, ROT and many other clans. Currently he is an activist in the Evolution of Combat standing up for himself and many other players he considers veterans. He has stated he was offered a chance of becoming a player moderator but refused because he couldn't stand Jagex going back on the words of Real world Trading as he accused The Squeal of Fortune and membership cards as being pro RWT. He quit for a short while in 2011 but since January 2012 he has come back and is currently in the process if fighting Jagex for player's rights. He invented the Southern revenant Sprawn for Pkers wishing to kill players in the forthiny dungeon. He is also sometimes credited for the Sprawn near the revenent dragon but he claimed he didn't have any involvement in this sprawn.


Da Pack Yak has a total experience of over 171 million despite playing for 7 years. He has 333 Quest points and 99s in All combat skills as well as Dungeoneering. He is commonly seen at Forthiny Dungeon or Pictorious Fishing colony on Worlds 99 and 116.

Pk Style

Da Pack Yak is probably the most famous for making his own Pking style. He had invented A sprawn in the forthiny Dungeon which is commonly used to kill players who are killing revenants and green dragons. He also is known for Anti-Pking or waiting for P'kers to log on and kills them either on sprawn or waits for them to rush him. Although he doesnt PK much anymore he is still seen in the wilderness either Anti-Pking or simply revenent killing.

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