Total level 2,898
Combat level 138
Other names CastingCrown,

Dat Feeshee,
Angel Feesh,
Magic Twee,
Derpy Angel,
Scary Dwagon,
Mrs Fext,

Nationality United States
Started playing February 2008
Known for Not famous
Mrs Fext Avatar

Dakota, known outside RuneScape by the same name, is a player who has played RuneScape since February 2008. She has a total level of 2,898. For fun, she likes to XP waste in World 42 at the Grand Exchange, train random skills, and talk in her clan chat and friend's chat.

On November 26 2011, she achieved 99 in her first skill: Magic. This was clearly done in a contest of who could get a 99 faster with a friend. He was aiming for 99 Woodcutting while she was working slowly towards the goal of 99 Magic. About 2-3 months later, and two and a half weeks of burning food over a campfire, she achieved 99 Cooking; trimming her magic cape. Also, on 8 June 2012 she had achieved 99 Firemaking, and obtained the Firemaking cape. On 4 July 2012 she got level 99 in crafting. Just 6 days after 99 crafting, she achieved 99 fletching.  A few months later, 99 Smithing was achieved during a Bonus XP weekend around Halloween.  99 Herblore, Defence, Prayer, Woodcutting, Ranged, and Constitution were followed.  On 25 December 2013 she achieved 99 Slayer and Summoning, and on 29 December 2013, she achieved 99 Strength. She later got her Thieving and Construction skillcapes, exactly eight days apart. She achieved 99 Farming on the morning of 3 March 2014, and 99 Dungeoneering on 9 March 2014. The remaining of her skills that were yet to be 99 soon followed, and she maxed on 2 June 2014.  She reached 120 Dungeoneering on 14 September 2014, and finally, earned the Completionist's cape on 25 September 2014. In November, 2014 she achieved 120 Firemaking, and in February 2015, she achieved 120 Fletching.

She is a Recruit of the clan "Bronyville."  She can be found in World 42 training slayer, hanging at the Max Guild, or talking to her friends, clannies, or random people depending on the time of day. She is slowly working towards 120 Slayer and Defence. She enjoys doing image-work for the RuneScape Wiki, and would be found putting transparency on images if her computer would let her.

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