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{{Infobox player
|name = Dwagonshy
|image =[[File:Dwagonshy.jpg|150px]]
|caption =
|total = 2,351
|level = 200
|members = Yes
|status = Active
|othernames =
Dat Feeshee,
Angel Feesh,<br>
Magic Twee
|nationality = United States
|start = Early 2008
|end =
|knownfor= Not famous
}}[[File:MagicTwee.png|Magic Twee Avatar|left]]
'''Dwagonshy, '''
known outside ''RuneScape'' as '''Dakota''', is a player mage tank who plays ''RuneScape'' when she is bored since early 2008. She has a total level of 2,356. For fun, she likes to fletch, firemake in the Jadinko Lair, cut Ivy, and most importantly, kill bots with magic.
On November 26 2011, she achieved 99 in her first skill: Magic. This was clearly done in a contest of who could get a 99 faster with a friend. He was aiming for 99 Woodcutting while she was working slowly towards the goal of 99 Magic. About 2-3 months later, and two and a half weeks of burning food over a campfire, she achieved 99 Cooking; trimming her magic cape. Also, on 8 June 2012 she had achieved 99 Firemaking, and obtained the Firemaking cape. On 4 July 2012 she got level 99 in crafting. Just 6 days after 99 crafting, she achieved 99 fletching.  A few months later, 99 Smithing was achieved during a Bonus XP weekend around Halloween.  99 Herblore, Defence, Prayer, Woodcutting, and Ranged were followed. 
She is a corporal of the clan "Skill is Power."  She can be found in either World 86 or 114, standing in Varrock bank either skilling or talking to friends or random people; and sometimes both. For now, her goals stand on 99 Slayer and Constitution. Dwagonhy is not much of a quester, but has achieved a Quest Cape.  She no longer has the quest cape due to not completing the new quest.  However, she loves tasks and has 537 of those completed. She unlocked the Air Guitar emote around the month of April, with the final track being "Haunted Mine".
On other notes, she is semi-active in the RuneScape Wiki [[w:c:RuneScape:Special:Chat|Special:Chat]]. She enjoys doing image-work for the wiki, and would be found putting transparency on images if her computer would let her.
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