Dalek Cookie or Dal is an elite PvMer and Twitch Streamer, and the girlfriend of 734590325839 (Better known as Jay, an elite Ironman PvMer). She is the current record holder for solo Saradomin God Wars (67 kills), and recieved the first unique drop from the Theatre of Blood. Dal is well known for her stunningly attractive looks, warm and friendly personality, and bearing a striking resemblance to Mod Ash (though to whom she denies having any biological relation).


Dal chose her RuneScape name at a young age due to her love for Doctor Who and cookies.

In January 2016, Dal broke the record for solo Saradomin God Wars kills without banking, reaching a total of 67 kills.

In June 2018, Dal received the first unique drop from the Theatre of Blood - an Avernic defender hilt. It sold for 1,999,999,999 GP (1gp less than 2b), which was split 5 ways with her team consisting of B0aty and others, each receiving 400m.

Real Life

Dal is a biology graduate from Cambridge, and currently resides with her partner Jay in Canada, whom she met through RuneScape (at Tormented Demons in RS2).

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