Total level 2898
Combat level 138
Other names Live 4 Rs
Nationality Australia
Influences Zezima, Gertjaars, Aasiwat, Zarfot, Drowns, Forsberg888, Success
Achievements Rank 34 Overall in 2014

Rank 89 Overall in 2016 at 200m All

Known for Skilling
Clan Talent Squad

Dampen formerly known as Live 4 Rs is Australian player that started playing RuneScape in 2005. 



Dampen first official clan he joined was True Masters of Agility a clan lead by Jebrim. TMOA was Skilling clan that attracted some of most famous top ranked skillers of its time none more notable than Suomi the first player to reach 200m in all skills.  

Talent Squad

Dampen after being introduced by his friend joined Talent Squad in 2013, a clan run by the Legendary Drowns, a player whom he considers as the best skiller in RuneScape. The clan at time was in early development but shortly after decided to become a total experience based clan using that as means to recruit and rank clan members. As years went by Talent Squad grew and recruited many of best players from within different skilling communities, from Zerker Pures, to F2p only and Level 3 skillers many of who are highest ranked players within their limitation. Talent Squad in 2020 is approaching 8 years since being founded and remains arguably the best small skiller clan ever in RuneScape.


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