Dan n y has been playing RuneScape long enough to get some of the harder skills to level 99, their maximum level. He is not a fan of combat so his combat stats are not as high as some of his skills. His most prized possession is his yoyo. He can do 4 tricks including around the world and walk the dog. His avatar lost an eye while practicing. He also likes long walks on the beaches of Catherby, and sunsets created when you use a sextant during a clue scroll. Dan n y is an experienced sailor as his player owned port would show you, and he loves adventures (he has the quest cape).


Dan n y is an admin in the clan "Clan Quark" he is most known for lobbying, being a partner of the hilarious group known as Danny and Imp

He likes to pc in the friend's chat "R Quark" from his alternate account "Im a Human" or "Danny pcing." He currently a double banana in R Quark despite a noticeable lack in pcing in March 2014.[clarification needed] Don't worry, he never multilogs, he knows that is against the rules. 

Item Discussion

Item Discussion is a thread on the Runescape Official Forums. Dan n y became forum banned when he "trolled" the thread and an unnamed rogue forum mod went berserk. Somewhere on the Item Discussion Lounge (the off topic thread) is a few pages where Dan n y and Imp Pateint created a fictional story where Dan n y receives brain damage from a horrific motor vehicle crash and as a result of the accident, he cannot remember who was driving. As the story goes, it was Imp Pateint who was driving. It was later bad known that Imp and Dan n y have no real world connection and the story was completely false. It did serve to get several posts hidden, and revenge on the rogue forum mod. 

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