Darius Silve,Runescape player known to be a power house tank mager, named in the top 3/5 magers in minigames(pre-EOC, tank rate 1/8 lord saruman). Darius Silve has been playing Runescape for multiple years, who trained the Trojan Army[citation needed], and Korrupted Fury[citation needed] in warring techniques (They were among the original clans of Clan Wars). He soon left Castle Wars after went to Tzhaar Fight Pits, in hopes of becoming something better, but eventually he grew to hate majority of people at tzhaar pits. The Minigame was then killed off with the help of Sarah Morel and friends of Wujade, a female player who Darius referred to as his teacher. The minigame of tzhaar pits died out with breon330ex and Darius Silve left in pen with over 2b in blood barrages used.

Darius Silve then moved to Soul Wars, and quickly rose to power - leading the armies of World 2 and World 6, eventually calling and showing off his bank/skills, Mark came in power and killed off mutiple friend chats and clan chat. He soon after that created rouge forces and conquered many clans. This became known as the word "Crasher".

Non Living, a rival of Darius Silve[citation needed] fought against him throughout battles in Soul Wars. Though after a period of time, Non Living was spotted crashing his own friends chat, leaving W44 United defenseless. This lead to a major crash of participation in W44 United. Non Living then retired from Runescape, and W44 United was declared dead and weak. This has been noted down into Soul War history as the greatest battle of Soul War clans.[citation needed]

A screen capture of W44 United at war with Darius Silve's crashers. This has been certified as the biggest clan war in Soul War history.

Friend chats killed:

  • sw undead
  • w148 pits
  • blue souls
  • imperial artists
  • legend crashers
  • fire souls
  • sw zombies
  • eskimos inc
  • souls united
  • Sw Ancients
  • soul elders
  • w44 united
  • sw ringers
  • sw legions
  • sw legends
  • elitesoulwar
  • darken s0uls

Clan Chats killed off or mass kicked:

  • Nwo
  • Fire Souls
  • Legend Crashers
  • Eskimos Inc
  • Brave Souls
  • Wrath of Sw (attempted)
  • Sw Ancients
  • Obbies Army
  • Guardian Snakes
  • Sw Ringers
  • immortalsw
  • Zealmania
  • Nerd Scapers

Darius has since slowly started Soul Warring less and less. Sometimes when returning to Soul Wars Darius stands around and talks to the new players helping them find their way.

Darius Silve also owns Ancientsouls Friends Chat Who he created with his Husband, Chompus. Darius Spends most of his time "Cybering" his friends, P A L A and Wavin Flag.

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