DeadBySunSet, formally known as ​Sdy, Zamerzon and AK Zamerzon​, is an infamous RuneScape player due to his trolling behaviour through out RuneScape friend chats and clans. There is ​not a lot of information regarding this particular player due to the nature of his behaviour. However, it has been noted he started playing RuneScape on November 6th, 2006 and has been playing ever since. 

His most famous incident was joining the clan, Valkye​, and obtaining the rank of Deputy Owner ​over a total of four months, earning the trust of the clan during the process. The actual date is not known, however, early December in 2017 he had removed everyone from the clan (excluding the owner) before leaving the clan. When questioned why he did all of this, his answer was "​Just for the lol's."

DeadBySunSet is usually found in World 12, adventuring through RuneScape. He is rarely seen on Old School RuneScape

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