Defil3d was a famous RuneScape video maker known for causing major problems with the community, often fighting for control over who had the most subscribers. Defil3d made a channel and RuneScape character claiming to be a female for many years. People donated to him, often because of false stories made to goat his subscribers into donating by telling a sad story.

The first story was that he was killed while fishing due to a random event. People handed over millions to Defil3d. Many have now assumed that this story was false. People became suspicious about his real gender after a few people found out that his profile pictures were simple pictures from Google if someone were to image search "Emo Girl(s)". Shortly after, people parodied the situation on many occasions.

The user TehNoobShow posted on another account called "ThinkDefil3d" questioning his motives and claims and yet another video was posted by Defil3d claiming to have been killed with 70+ million coins in his inventory. The video by Defil3d was poorly edited and was obviously faked. To put the nail in the coffin TehNoobShow found a clip of a person Defil3d was working with to stage the incident. The video showed Defil3d trying many times to get killed but failing. A YouTube video maker and Mod in Defil3d clan chat called "Kiotomi" posted screenshots of a chat he had with Defil3d which talked about buying money and botting. Kiotomi also had a video showing Defil3d scamming a wolf mask from him. Defil3d released a video using a voice changer and claiming to have a cold which was supposed to be proof that Defil3d was a woman, which backfired.

While all this drama was happening, many people came out with information on Defil3d botting and breaking other rules. One person reported that Defil3d was botting Soul Wars, and showed Defil3d walking back and forth from one spot over and over again. Another video was released showing Defil3d standing at the same spot in soul wars for hours. Shortly after the video was released the account Defil3d was banned permanently. Defil3d continued to make videos until people stopped watching him, so he finally made a video using his real voice. Defil3d has lost over half his subscribers since.

Defil3d started his dream job in drama in 2012.

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