Killing Kree with a elder shieldbow- Runescape

Delta30 is a player who started playing in 2008. He started off in a clan known as the Knights of light. He wanted to be the best at ranging, although he went astray with his path to be a good ranger. He trained all of the combat skills to level 40 making him a jack of all trades.

One day he joined up with the clan called Kingdom of varrock. He would stay in this clan for a few months to try and join the varrock rangers. Then he went inactive for 3 years.

Clan problems

He rejoined the Kingdom of varrock to find the rangers inactive. The leaders of the clan then closed it down. He tried to fight for it back but failed. Soon after, he left due to a lot of clan drama.[clarification needed]

Achievements and present day

He later got 99 Ranged and went on to found the Rangers Of Gondor. He also killed Kree with black d'hide and an elder shieldbow.

He sometimes resides at Varrock Square hanging out with old friends from the Kingdom of varrock, sometimes doing some rps playing as a lethal assassin. With he donated to the well 1.3 million coins.[clarification needed]

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