Deus Criador
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Deus Criador in his clan citadel
Total level 2142
Combat level 131
Other names GabrieReitan
God Reitan
God R Solar
Nationality Brazilian
Started playing 2012
Known for Personality

Deus Criador (formerly know as God Reitan, God R Solar and GabrieReitan) is a Brazilian RuneScape player.


His history in-game began when a friend invited him to play RuneScape. Although he liked the game, Deus Criador was not interested in the game itself, but played it just to have some fun with his friends.

After many months of constant training, he achieved his first and only 99 skill, Magic. As of August 14, 2020, he has a combat level of 131. "God Reitan" (as he was called before changing his name) had only one 99.

Deus Criador was a former member of the clan "Magus Solar". Since the clan leader was banned, the former members of the clan formed a new clan, called "Guardioes do Mundo", which was led by Deus Criador until he stopped playing RuneScape.

Deus Criador always followed Zaros, although his devotees always considered him a benevolent "god". He also hates Zamorak and Bandos. As of July 9, 2013, Deus Criador received the quest point cape for completing all of the quests in-game.

On August 12, 2013, he decided to stop playing for unknown reasons. He wrote a message which is here, translated from Portuguese to English: "I'm really upset for having to do this. But please, my darling devotees, don't be mad with me. I'll always be watching you, and I'll always be with you. Don't stop believing in me, and don't stop spreading my word. Someday, maybe I'll return, and bless this server with goodness and light. Hope you enjoy the game. I'll be with you, forever". - Deus Criador. August 12, 2013.[citation needed]

On November 23, 2013, Deus Criador returned as a free-to-play player. He stepped in Gielinor first in world 94 at 3:30 PM (Brazilian time zone). He has since recovered his quest cape, and stated that he will not leave until he earns access to Prifddinas.[citation needed]


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