Diogenes II
Diogenes II Normal.png
Other names Diogenes, Dio, Hobo
Nationality American
Achievements The first place winner of all official Runescape dance competitions
Has won several awards for his fashion sense
Is considered to be one of the most dedicated roleplayers
Known for Roleplaying
Being a hobo
Clan Hobos of Gielinor

Diogenes II, commonly referred to as "The Hobo of Gielinor" or simply "hobo", is cyberworld celebrity who was the first person to roleplay a hobo in RuneScape.


Diogenes II is primarily known for his dedicated roleplaying as a hobo.


One of Diogenes II's greatest achievements are his rewards for having an amazing fashion sense. He is typically seen wearing one of four outfits. They are, according to him, called Standard Hobo, Satirical Hobo, Winter Hobo, and Caveman.

Diogenes II Normal2.png

Diogenes II's Satirical Hobo outfit.

Diogenes II Winter.png

Diogenes II caveman.png

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