Dizzy is a retired RuneScape player in the PvP and skilling community.

Gaming career

Dizzy focuses most on the game Apex Legends nowadays after being cheated by lots of friends of a lot of game gold in RuneScape.

In Apex Legends, he joined a gaming community named Seismic. Dizzy started playing Apex Legends in May 23 and has run the game over 500 hours at this time. He became level 100 after 3 weeks and is still playing the game a lot. At level 80, he started to get tired and started to struggle but he kept going and it finally paid off.

Dizzy had a great interest in the game Counter Strike but stopped playing it when he got tired of people cheating in the game and after the game became free to play he decided it was not a good idea to play it anymore.

RuneScape career

Dizzy started playing RuneScape in 2004 and decided to join the PvP and skilling community.

He maxed all his stats in 2009 and stopped playing temporarily in 2011. He returned in mid 2013 for Old School RuneScape, and eventually stopped playing in 2019.

Dizzy does sometimes play Hardcore Ironman on the side of Apex Legends, but he is not very active.

Dizzy came up with the name Dizzy in 2008 after he had been in an amusement park and became dizzy by most of the rides.

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