Dragonseance Seconds before achieving his Trimmed Completionist cape
Total level 2736[1]
Combat level 138[1]
Other names Gunnar (Old School)
Nationality United States
Started playing 2005
Known for 5th player to reach 5.2B xp
Highest ranked player with a trimmed completionist cape
Owner of top ranked clan
Clan Efficiency Experts

Dragonseance is the highest ranking player ever to achieve the Trimmed Completionist cape. He was the 391st player to achieve the Trimmed Completionist cape on November 29th 2013. He's currently ranked 169th overall and has achieved 5.4 billion total experience. He has 200M exp in all 27 skills.[1]

Dragonseance is also the owner of "Efficiency Experts", the number one ranked clan, and is renowned for being one of the most efficient players in the game. His YouTube channel DragonseanceRS features vlogs and videos regarding his 200m skills. He also has the most clan experience of any individual player in RuneScape, a record he has held nearly continuously since the official introduction of clans in April 2011.


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