Dragoon 787
Other names Koopatroopa787, Koopa, HCIM Koopa
Started playing 2001
Known for Obtaining 99 Firemaking in 2002

Dragoon 787 is a RuneScape player known for obtaining 99 Firemaking in 2002. It is disputed whether he or Cowchicken was the first to obtain level 99 Firemaking in the game.

Gaming career

Dragoon 787 started playing RuneScape in 2001, and first started gaining Firemaking levels in 2001 or early 2002. He states that he realized how easy the skill was to level compared to other skills, and he soon became addicted to the skill. In Draynor forest, he met a player named Scarletstar, who was the rank 2 Woodcutter at the time behind Everdred. After they developed a friendly relationship, Dragoon 787 burned the logs she obtained from the trees that she cut down to maximize experience per hour.[1] Dragoon 787 achieved 99 Firemaking the same day as Cowchicken in 2002, although it is disputed who reached it earlier. God of End, who was among the first people to get 99 Firemaking in the game, states that Cowchicken was first.[2] Dragoon 787 disputes this statement, saying that he was the first to achieve this milestone.[3]

A year later, in 2003, Dragoon 787's account was permanently banned for account sharing. During Christmas break, he had lended the account to an online friend so his friend could use the rune battle axe and rune square shield on his account, which were rare items at the time. After Christmas break, when Dragoon had returned and tried to log in, the password had changed and from that point he was never able to log into his account again. A massive forum post had been created to argue the case of who was actually the true owner of the account. Paul Gower decided that besides the confusion on who was actually the true owner, character sharing is against terms of service even if it is only for several days. The account was permanently closed.[1]

Currently, Dragoon 787 still plays RuneScape on the Old School client as a Hardcore Ironman. Over the years he changed his alias to Koopatroopa787 or simply Koopa. His current Old School RuneScape Hardcore Ironman character player name is HCIM Koopa.


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