Drewdavis64 is a RuneScape player who started playing in early 2001. He only has one level 99, Woodcutting, and he started going for 99 before ivy. But by the time he got his woodcutting skillcape tons of people had it because of ivy. He has a combat level of 100 and his highest combat skill is ranged, which is 81. 

Early Days

Drewdavis64 started in early 2001. He did not know much about runescape, so he just went around killing goblins and chopping down trees, selling logs to the general store. Actually, one thing that he loved to do as a low level was make bronze bars, and sell an inv of bronze bars to the players at lumbridge for 0gp . Everybody has to end somewhere.


Drewdavis64 in his skillers outfit.

Present Times

Now he is just your normal, typical runescape player. He trains his skills, does slayer, quests, and helps other low leveled players get better, because he knows he was low leveled, once, too. He hopes to be a high-leveled player, with that bandos and godswords and a bank with 500m gp, like most other runescape players. He is actually quite poor compared to most other players his level. He usually has a stack of around 1-3m gp. He loves his woodcutting cape.. saying the quote..."dam this cape is hawt" when he got his 99 woodcutting cape. When his friend, the bum show, got 99 attack, he said the quote, "Dam yo cape is hawt". Drewdavis64 can be humorous sometimes... and sometimes can even play 24 hours in a day.