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Total level 2682[1]
Combat level 124[1]
Nationality Queensland, Australia
Achievements 200m XP in every skill except Defence
Known for Skilling, Efficiency, 200m XP in most skills
Clan Owner of Talent Squad[2]
Drowns Avatar.png

Drowns is a RuneScape player who is well known for his skilling, and for having 200m XP in every skill except Defence.


In October, 2016, he achieved his goal of obtaining 200m XP in all skills with 45 Defence.[3] He has 9 out of 19 skilling pets.


Drowns is a PvMer as well as a skiller, and is going for the Insane Final Boss title. He has 23 out of 33 boss pets.


200m All Skills With 45 Defence

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