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Total level 2595
Combat level 200
Known for First to 200M Summoning Xp

Drumgun was the first RuneScape player to reach 200m experience in summoning and also was the first player to achieve 200m experience in the Divination skill. In addition, he has 200 million experience in 19 other skills and over 4.5 billion total experience. He is currently ranked 3rd on total experience (after Jake), however it is possible that he may move up to 1st place, as he still has some buyable/fast experience skills left to max out.

Drumgun started playing in late 2005 and kept gaining experience rapidly. Drumgun has said he does not merch items. However, while this claim may be true, he is a part of the price check clan (not friends chat although he is ranked) Nex and SS, which may mean he merches on a daily basis. However he also stated that he made his money by PvMing until he reached 3.3 billion total xp, then started merching for money. Now he mainly PvM's for money.

Drumgun held the record, according to many stats tracking sites, for the highest total experience gain in a single day, which was 87,649,738 experience. He used to hold the records for the most experience gained in one week (200,082,136) and for most experience gained in one month (311,362,727) which are now both held by G0d Vs D3vil with (228,220,411) for the weekly record and (493,292,931) for the monthly record.

Drumgun became the first player to reach 200 million experience in 7, 8, 9, and 10 skills, when he achieved maxed experience in Strength, Summoning, Ranged, and Fletching respectively.

He was the first player to achieve 200 million experience in all combat skills.

Overall, Drumgun is known for being the first person in RuneScape history to reach 200 million experience in the Summoning skill, and for being the player who has gained the most experience in the least amount of time. 

On December 15, 2012, Drumgun achieved 120 Dungeoneering and took rank 3 overall.

After achieving level 99 in the latest skill, Divination, on the 12th December 2013, he is now ranked 1 in Divination.  He has now achieved 200m experience in this skill, becoming the first one to do so.  As of November 2013, he is ranked third on the overall highscores.

He achieved 200m expierence in Thieving on 28th December 2013.

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