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Du Vall

Du Vall is a RuneScape player mostly known for Thieving. He started a Thieving clan in 2007 and is dedicated to the Thieving skill itself. He is most famous for his Thieving thread on the RuneScape Forums as well as discovering the Dwarf Traders as a viable method of training and his overall dedication to the skill. His thread is called "The perfect guide to Thieving." He along with Pro Thief (now known as Thievishly) run a YouTube channel called EliteThieves. Thievishly mainly runs the channel while Du Vall runs the forums thread.

The perfect guide to Thieving

This thread consists of all of the information and tricks that Du Vall has stumbled upon during his long career of studying and training the Thieving skill. The thread contained information on every single training method for the Thieving skill as well as viable money making methods. The thread has since been removed from the forums.

Famous discoveries

  • Thief box - requires 4 players surrounding the respawn point of an NPC. Another player then traps the NPC until it respawns onto the respawn point. Since the 4 players are surrounding the respawn point, the NPC is trapped and can be kept in that same spot until someone misclicks and moves, thus releasing the NPC.
  • Dwarf Traders (No Bribe, Trapping all of the Guards) - Discovered in February 2011, Du Vall discovered that it was possible to trap all of the Trade Floor Guards that protect the Dwarf Traders. To do so one must attack the 4 Northern Guards and lure them into the Northwestern Room and lure the 4 Southern Guards to the Southeastern Room. There is 1 Dwarf Trader who does not move, allowing players to semi-afk and spam click 1 spot in order to obtain XP that rivals pyramid plunder. This method of training was discovered 2 years before it was made mainstream in 2013 by Efficiency Experts. They found out about this method from Du Vall himself.
  • Knight of Ardougne Trapping - Du Vall discovered that it is possible to lure the Southwestern Knight of Ardougne into the South Ardougne bank and trap it there in a bank booth. This allows players to thieve in a bank. The advantage of this is that banks heal players so they will never need food. Also, it is possible to keep the Knight trapped and use the Bank at the same time.
  • Thieving Pure - This consists of an account dedicated to getting the Ardougne Cloak 2, Gloves of Silence, and 97+ Thieving at a Combat level of under 76 in order to left click "Pickpocket" Knights of Ardougne with a 100% success rate. This involves doing all of the easy and medium Ardougne Tasks as well as getting 54 Hunter for the Gloves of Silence. This type of account is only for the few who want a different way to train Thieving to 200m XP. There are only a few accounts of this nature. They are Rubik Thief, Zuar I, and Skwill. All of these accounts have achieved 99 Thieving with this method of training and Skwill is currently the only account that still plays.  

Friends Chat

Du Vall also runs a Friends Chat that is a place to hang out when training the Thieving skill. It is called "EliteThieves".

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