Dude Magnet
Total level 956
Combat level 86
Nationality British
Started playing June 2005
Achievements Fire Cape
Known for Unique take on RuneScape and Camp attitude.
Clan Corrupt Pures

Dude Magnet is also known outside of RuneScape as Saint Andrew. Since starting the game he has become a controversial player with his team mates and the pure community.

Andrew is also skilled with graphic design (Photoshop) and most other media platforms, and also has knowledge of Java (a programming language).

Playing technique

Dude hasn't followed the trend of other RuneScape players over the years, and instead follows his own path. He is best known for his tanking and safing methods while PKing.


Dude has an estimated net worth of over 300m (OSRS) GP.[citation needed]


Dude is currently a member of Corrupt Pures. He first joined back in 2010.

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