Elitsoh Watson

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Elitsoh Watson, standing at the center

Elitsoh Watson is the founder and leader of the subversive group; The Legion of Elitsoh Watson. The Legion was most known for massing in-game to spam and cause disruption and also regularly attacked moderator clan chats, some of these activities are shown on their YouTube channel.

It was questionable whether the clan consisted of in-game members or if they were a cult in the real world, he referred to his members as his "family".

The name Elitsoh Watson was not the actual username of Watson's character, but the name he had been given in real life. It was speculated that Watson possessed hundreds of accounts and "logs in to a different one each time" in contrast to having a single memorable character due to his revolutionary status. However, the appearance of each of his characters are of a dark-toned male with turquoise mane, this eventually became a trademark as all members of the Legion adopted the same look.

Although being the leader of his own clan/cult, Watson rarely appeared in game as their gatherings were usually led by a lieutenant. Elitsoh Watson, on his Facebook had once declared that he had many duties and commitments in the real world, therefore the handling of the group's online activities were passed to his closest members.

Watson's clan was believed by many to be a Satanic cult, however various members (and Watson himself) have stated that they do not follow the Bible's Testaments nor worship any deity tied to Christianity/Catholicism/Judaism/Islam. Despite, the above being said, Watson had indicated that he was interested in the occult, LaVeyan Satanism and the works of Aleister Crowley. Another possibility of such belief was the expression of orthodoxy by their members, as they refer Watson as "The Great Lord", "Bringer of Salvation" and “The Saviour” on various occasions.

The activity of the Legion was most despised by the Player Moderator community as the group frequently attacked the friend's chat of Mod MMG and Mod Mark. Their attacks often leads to number of player moderators taking their time out to Kick/Mute hundreds of spammers, resulting in great loss of time. One of their most notorious assaults is shown in this video (the assault lasting over two hours), although this was said to be a ceremony for nine members Jagex have banned. One of the entries in Watson's journal suggested that a number of spammers may be hired workers in China and/or India.

When questioned of Watson's (and the Legion's) motives and the reason of their aggressive behavior, the former responded with "each cause will create an effect for a "Greater Good" and firmly believed that humans require no guidance or governing, suggesting that he may be an Anarchist. As such, the group had publicly exposed a number of personal information and real-life pictures of moderators (both player and Jagex) as they are the authoritative figures of RuneScape.

The discussion of Elitsoh Watson remains forbidden in Jagex Moderator friends chat and the RuneScape forums. In many cases, when a player mentions the name in a sentence, they would be kicked without question.

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