Elvemage is a RuneScape player killer who rose to fame for making YouTube videos shortly after the site's creation. He, along with Kids Ranqe, Pinkelz, i1lkingi1l, Jojo3000, and l Mahatma l, were the most well-known PKers during the 2004-2007 era. On 14 February 2007, Jagex muted Elvemage for using YouTube videos to lure people into the Wilderness. This led to a 14 hour long riot occurring on world 28, where players would spam the public chat with messages against deeds done by Jagex. 

Player killing

Elvemage often wore mystic clothing in combat, and was a skilled mage and ranger. One of his forms of player killing was Barraging his opponents and then finishing them off with a magic shortbow. He was also popular for using God spells, especially the Saradomin Strike.


Some players speculate that many of the players in Elvemage's videos were actually victims of luring. The fact that many players did not fight back and tried to run away, were deep in the Wilderness, and Elvemage was often with a group of friends supports this theory.

Jagex decided to take action and they banned Elvemage on 14 February 2007.

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