Nintendo Swe.png
Total level 2,736
Combat level 138
Started playing Unknown
Known for 9th in highscores(former Rank 1)

Elvis (also known as Nintendo Swe) is a RuneScape player from the city Helsingborg in Sweden who is ranked 303 in the overall hiscores as of November, 2017. He was the fourth player to reach 200M XP in Prayer. He has 5 billion XP.

He has a YouTube channel "Calle Bäckis", where he uploads comedic videos.

His earlier RuneScape names are:

  • "Nintendo Swe"
  • "Nintendo S we"
  • "Tendo",
  • "Elvis Swe"
  • "Iam Elvis"
  • "CaIibanio"
  • "mmg"


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