Total level 2887
Combat level 138
Other names Minna, Chococandys
Nationality Finland
Started playing April 2009
Influences Her friends
Known for Making YouTube videos and global record in Runetrack
Clan AIR

Elyey (also known as Minna) is a 23 year old female player from Finland. She plays almost every day and achieved her goal of getting max cape 29.12.2013. She can be found in world 86 or in the Old School RuneScape server 326. Minna is part of a clan called All Knighters.

She obtained the completionist cape in April 2014.

Elyey's first colours on max cape.


In April 2009, Elyey's (known as Chococandys at the time) 2 friends showed RuneScape to her and she was all taken into it right away. She started by killing rats and cooking the meat behind Lumbridge castle and slowly progressed her levels up. By the end of the year 2010, she wanted to stop playing and took over a half year break from RuneScape.

Around September 2011, Elyey came back playing and has played almost every day since. She achieved her first 99, Cooking, in November 2011 and made her first million off it too. After that has achieved 99's in Firemaking, Fletching, Prayer, Dungeoneering, Attack, Herblore, Magic, Woodcutting, Constitution, Farming, Defence, Crafting, Runecraft, Hunter, Ranged, Summoning, Slayer, Strenght, Smithing, Thieving, Construction, Divination, Fishing, Mining and Agility in that order. Elyey also has Quest cape and her friends gave her nickname "Quest Goddess" because she likes to help her friends on quests and gives tips for bosses.

Also has achieved the global record in Runetrack by gaining 2.3m Farming experience in one day. This was gone after the Armadyl vs. Bandos god event when people spammed all their lamps into Farming. She still thinks her 2.3m experience is more impressive since it was made by legit ways (Livid Farm).

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