Elysian Baws, also known as Felix, began his RuneScape career PvMing and PKing as a Range tank. Once he got enough GP, he bought a rank in Liked fc and made 70b. After liked fc died, Felix was left with either a choice between Win All Day's FC or Dragon Dyce's FC. He decided to join Win All Day's FC.

Soon, imposters decided to name their clan "Elysian Baws". It soon became full and had 500 members and was the biggest imposter clan on RuneScape. Five months after joining Win All Day's FC, Win All Day got banned and Elysian Baws was left rankless. His good friend Smite Yo Bgs gave him a free rank in the new friends chat "Smite Yo Bgs". Felix then hosted in Smite's new friends chat for a few days until Fishy decided to give him a free rank.[clarification needed] He hosted there until Fishy got banned, and then he joined Twisty fc and hosted there until flowering got removed.

Felix was friends with a Finnish player named Joopii who taught him how to stake and used Felix for his YouTube, later getting it banned for posting comments on videos that were profane. Felix still wanted to make money off this game so he decided to test his luck out staking with his buddy War Chief. Felix would camp PID on 10 accounts then go to the arena and stake 28 vials. After the PID update, Felix still wanted to make money off this game so he became a staller at the arena. Felix profited 45b off of Evolution of Combat (EOC) staking. Stalls began to get removed so it became harder and harder to find stakes on EOC.

After weeks of consideration and urging from his best friend Snarf, he decided to start staking in Old School RuneScape. On 29 November 2014, Felix became an Old School RuneScape odds staker that sits on max main accounts wanting 1.1x for no reason just for the session.[clarification needed] Felix currently splits with Snarf. Felix wants to meet up with Snarf in real life and plans to meet him in the future.

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