Emera Nova
Emera Nova.png
Total level 2676 (as of August 18, 2020)
Combat level 138
Nationality American
Started playing 2001-02
Known for Gaming Channel/RsBlog/Roleplayer
Clan Slayrr

Emera Nova is a RuneScape video maker. His account has been maxed at least twice, though he is no longer maxed. He gained 500m overall experience on January 27, 2014.

Emera Nova also has an YouTube account called "SLAYrRGaming". It has 83 subscribers as of August 18, 2020.

Early RuneScape career

Emera Nova created his first account around 2001-2002, and ended up quickly rising through the levels that were set at the time. He has since left that account and moved on to several smaller accounts over the years. He had decided to play it when his best friend at the time suggested the two should start playing it together.

It was not until around high school that Emera Nova had the time to be able to play RuneScape more competitively. While many of his side accounts are unknown he has stated that to his memory "I've basically been playing ever since I laided eyes on the game, I hope one day to work in part with it." Emera Nova's first 99 was in Woodcutting, which was achieved in RuneScape Classic.

YouTube and his community life

Emera Nova runs a Gaming blog on Tumblr, primarily having to do with RuneScape. Emera Nova uploaded his first video on the YouTube account "AsianHaxor" back in 2011; it was his 99 Mining and Construction party. He has since then switched labels and started making gaming videos alongside JensenX. The two run their own personal clan forums based off the YouTube channel, promoting it as an "Overall gaming communtiy styled clan, Rs player or not your more than welcomed to join."


How to Basics Guide to Killing Kalphite King

Emera Nova currently runs two series on the channel, both having to do with RuneScape. The first being a News show based around the updates that Jagex comes out with for RuneScape. The second appears to be a knock off of the very popular How to Basic YouTube channel that makes guides that are not very helpful but appear like they are going to be.

It is also known that Emera Nova for many years was part of World 42's Roleplaying Community and was looked towards as a highly sought out roleplayer to learn from. He often roleplayed with the group "Greek Refuge" which is now "Campdemigod". When asked why he left the roleplaying community he replied back "At the time I was working on 99 magic and fletching and sadly I started having to miss sessions of roleplays to keep with my xp an hour, so I decided to leave as an active member and focus on obtaining my maxed cape." It is not known whether or not he will return to the roleplaying community or not.

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