Ended is a player who started around 2006, and quickly progressed to make gains, friends, and even more enemies. His previous name many years in the past was "Sold Out Str", in reference to 99 strength being his first 99, as was the hype at the time, whereas ironically the very much hated skill Hunter came second. Ended took on a leadership role in the game very early on, using his own FC to help maximize gains in Pest Control with other players, in proximity with fcs such as VOD and SoulFire. Shortly after this, he moved away from the scene a while and found Soul Wars as a new home. He started out solo and eventually found an FC named "Obbysquires", which would later come to be known as "Obbysarmy" as dilemmas arose from the old FC. As years/months past, the rival group known as NWO crashed more frequently and support for what was known as "W44 Alliance" ran out, and it turned out the bloodbath that the Fcs brought terminated Soul Wars as a whole. After a general position here was obsolete due to the death of the FC, he created his own, "Soul Vigor", which would last some months prior to Soul Wars participation from all players dwindling. During much of the warring, many famous players appeared at Soul Wars, clueless to the drama at hand.


Ended was also known to hang out in many fcs of which he Co-owned, Warred in, or as a Social FC such as Chat Legion, FoWBands and numerous Dungeoneering FCs. The most recent involvement are within FC alliances dedicated in the ongoing struggle over warbands between SAPK(SixthAgePK) lead by Naturare and WBG lead by Yt-Haar. He used to run a skilling/social and pvm/pvp clan based in W76 named "Force of War".

  • Soul Vigor
  • Chat Legion
  • "The War that destroyed SoulWars"
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