English King

English King
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Total level 2858
Combat level 138
Known for High rank

English King is a player with 27 skills at level 99 or above. He used to be ranked at around 20th place Overall in 2005, but as time passed, he did not catch up with others falling to lower ranks. Unlike many other high level players, English King can be found posting in the official forums every now and then.

English King.png
English King Runecrafting

English King explained the reason he dropped out of the hiscores:

The reason I dropped out of highscore was on purpose. Found out many tops were sharing accounts, using bots, rwt, and getting away with bugs. So pretty much made scores pointless to stay in tops anymore. I could of maxed long ago. But, I enjoy playing on my newbies and I don't feel that jagex deserves my money currently because they have lousy customer support. The game has went from a once challenging game and a nice community to a scamming, botting, gambling community. It is very disappointing that Jagex as a company has let their reputation become bad. Would be great if some other company took over runescape and saved it. Jagex has chosen wealth over reputation. I have wasted hundreds of hours in the community reporting bots and abusers. What is pretty funny many abusers have now become pmods or fmods. Jagex brown noses top players by making them mods to attract more players. On January 28, 2009 almost all top 1k on runescape abused a penguin bug which allowed players to repeatedly abuse a penguin for millions of xp and cash hourly. Jagex did not enforce their rules by banning them all instead most players got away with slaps on wrist. I talked to a top player he admitted to getting 15mil xp in slayer in just a few hours. As a reward he was promoted to pmod. Rofl nice job jagex in dishing out fair punishment equally on players. Also to top it off to why I stopped members...I was muted for saying I was straight. And then mistakenly reported for macro, when all I did was talk about an old ban I had. Clearly showed up in the evidence. Paul Gower said not to fear it would be fixed and removed. Jagex finally crossed it off and didn't remove, but then suddenly switched it to player sharing after 1 year of trying to get customer service to fix it decide to stop members. Because, I unjustly penalized for talking about a rule and for not breaking a rule.
— English King

On February 4, 2014, he maxed out all his skills and gained 120 Dungeoneering. As of 18 August 2020, he has level 99 or more in all skills except for Archeology. He has 3.65 billion overall XP in the game.

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