Alching 222 Third-age mage hats.

Envy Moi alching 222x 3a mage hats.

Envy Moi in-game with his Third-age mage hat troll.

Envy Moi was a very successful merchant before he quit on 10/25/2013. He went from 50m bank in February 2013 to one he claims to be worth 20b when he quit. He is well known and trusted across all the price checking chats such as R Quark, Nex and SS and 90Weaps Pc. He was also increasingly active on the Third-age status thread in the months preceding his demise. He kept a merchanting log on a site named Merchz during his final months of merchanting.

In September he had started a buyout on 3a mage hats. By the time he had quit he had obtained 222 of them and alched every single one of them. He said it was because he did not want anything tying him to RuneScape. The mage hats cost him roughly 6 billion gold (an estimation from Envy himself) and had a value of 50-100m each just before he alched them. They alched for 1.3m and some change.

He said he quit to play World of Warcraft; he could not stand to watch the game he grew up playing lose more and more players every day.

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