Erik Og Joa is a RuneScape player and a video maker who uploads bugs on YouTube. His old YouTube channel Erikogjoa (which was recently unbanned by Jagex due to Erik now working with Jagex Moderators to fix these bugs in return of him uploading a video on how to perform them) had a popular subscriber base. He has since created a newer channel by the name of Erik0gjoa. The last video he uploaded to his channel was in 2015.

He made RuneScape and Old School RuneScape videos which showed players how to perform working bugs before Jagex patches them. Many players comment on his video saying he should hide his name before he gets banned however they also forget Erik uploads these videos to show Jagex Moderators how the bug is done so that they can patch it.

As of 2020, he has 11.6K subscribers. He was featured in Silentc0re's RuneScape Underground glitch series.

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