Total level 2262
Combat level 133
Other names MuffinUchiha, kool shot1
Nationality American
Started playing 2001
Ended playing N/A
Influences Uloveme
Known for Clan Leader of Deaths Requiem
Clan Deaths Requiem

Eurakaseven (Currently MuffinUchiha) is a Runescape player who currently has a total level of 2262, and a combat level of 133. He started playing Runescape in 2001, under the username of kool shot1.

Eurakaseven is currently the leader of the clan Deaths Requiem. Deaths Requiem currently has over 360 members, and is near 3 billion total clan experience.

He currently has six level 99 skills, those being Constitution, Magic, Woodcutting, Fishing, Firemaking, and Mining. Additionally, he has nearly 160 million total experience spread across his levels.

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