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Combat level 118
Started playing 2004

Excl is a RuneScape player most famous for his YouTube videos.[1][2]

According to a video of his, he started making YouTube videos when he sent a video idea to SladeakaKevin,[3] known as Darkarm3 in-game. Apparently SladeakaKevin never replied, so that inspired him to make videos himself along with Bereaver_666. He is inspired by other video makers such as Tehnoobworld (TehNoobShow in-game). The name WGDVids, one of his YouTube pages, comes from the video-making clan WatchGuard Videos, which he used to be a member of. In early 2010, he created a new account, ExclVids, so he could remaster some of his old videos, remove copyright material, and attempt to get YouTube Partners.

Excl is in the middle along with some other notable RuneScape players; Darkarm 3, Tehnoobshow, A Chat and Chiszle are all in this picture.

Most of his videos are scenarios that involve a conflict. He also has videos that are jokes, made to be funny. One of his most popular videos is "Drugs in Runescape."[4]

He won a Jagex RuneScape Machinima Contest in 2009, and won Lifetime Membership, along with a trip to Jagex and England.

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Excl was formerly a Player Moderator, but due to inactivity, he lost the privileges.


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