Combat level 95 or higher
Started playing July 2005
Known for N/A

Fang1129 is a player.



Fang1129 started playing RuneScape in 2005 when his friend ragnaros195 introduced him to the game. He started very slowly at first it took him 3 months to get to level 10. He became a member after only one month of playing.

Times quit, and returns

After only 9 months of playing, he quit for a few months. After 2 months Fang1129 returned to RuneScape for a year. It was around that time he completed all of the non-member quests. After multiple insults, two mutes, and one ban he quit again. After a long time quit Fang1129 later returned to RuneScape along with making multiple other accounts which today he calls Aroc nation. After Fang1129 returned he played for a long time before he quit again. In July of 2009 he quit RuneScape again due to boredom and the trade balance. When he quit he had these skills:

Skill Level Experience
Total level 1036 Unknown edit
Attack 76 Unknown edit
Defence 72 Unknown edit
Strength 74 Unknown edit
Constitution 75 Unknown edit
Ranged 65 Unknown edit
Prayer 45 Unknown edit
Magic 61 Unknown edit
Cooking 24 Unknown edit
Woodcutting 39 Unknown edit
Fletching 42 Unknown edit
Fishing 55 Unknown edit
Firemaking 42 Unknown edit
Crafting 59 Unknown edit
Smithing 47 Unknown edit
Mining 62 Unknown edit
Herblore 30 Unknown edit
Agility 34 Unknown edit
Thieving 34 Unknown edit
Slayer 22 Unknown edit
Farming 3 Unknown edit
Runecrafting 24 Unknown edit
Hunter 6 Unknown edit
Construction 39 Unknown edit
Summoning 6 Unknown edit
Dungeoneering didn't exist Unknown edit
Divination didn't exist Unknown edit
As of

In September of 2009 he returned to RuneScape. On the 2nd of October he became a member again.


Fang had one alt-account named Oblivion roc, which was a pure that he created in 2009.

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