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Fargrist and Vivathia are a husband and wife team that both joined RuneScape in 2004. Both played free-to-play until they ran out of quests to play and then moved to members.

Their main claim to fame is organising some story contests, one of which can be found on YouTube under the name "Fargrist Final Finally".

Their main claim to infamy is both being permanently banned on 13 September 2012 for continued opposition to the gambling aspects of Squeal of Fortune, a sub-game of RuneScape.

Both appeals were dismissed almost instantly and the message Jagex sent them both was that they would never be able to appeal again nor play RuneScape again.

Squeal of Fortune is a spinning wheel that players can buy spins on and win virtual items. It was fully functional on 2 April 2012.

Vivathia had her say:

Squeal of Fortune ceased to exist on 4th February 2014. However another system was introduced called Treasure Hunter, with the same gambling concept of paying real money for random prizes.

Mark Gerhard, then the CEO of Jagex, the operator of RuneScape, unbanned Fargrist and Vivathia on 10 May 2014.

Fargrist runs a subreddit on RuneScape

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