Fatal Turks
Total level 2757 (3062 virtual)
Combat level 138
Nationality Turkish
Started playing 2005
Achievements Maxed
Clan Turk Scape

Fatal Turks is a player who started playing RuneScape in 2005. He is the founder of Turk Scape clan.

Fatal Turks hates skilling so he only does PvM, Slayer -which are his money resource- and train combat skills. This is what he generally does when he plays RuneScape.


Fatal Turks is currently focusing on achieving 200 million experience in all combat skills and Slayer also.


99's 27/27
120's 9/27
Skill Pets 4/19
Boss Pets 9/35

Skill&Boss Pets

Pet Name Skill
Crabbe Slayer
Rocky Mining
Bubbles Fishing
Dojo Mojo Agility
Pet Name Boss
Chick'arra Kree'arra
K'ril Tinyroth K'rill
General Awwdor General Graardor
Commander Miniana Zilyana
Nexterminator Nex
Mallory Araxxi
Ellie Chaos Elemental
Kalphite Grubling Kalphite King
Nylessa Twin Furies

Real life

He is a fan of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (the founder of the Republic of Turkey).

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