Total level 2595
Combat level 200
Nationality Australian
Started playing 2009
Clan Venimus

Fertilised (also known as Kevin) is a male RuneScape player from Australia who started playing in September 2009 after hearing a friend talking about the game. He is known for his graphical editing skills. He is currently a member of the clan "Venimus" and was once a member of the clan "Consentus".

He obtained his first 99, Woodcutting, on September 12th 2010 on ivy. Fertilised maxed on the 4th of May doing the Statue D&D finishing with Construction, Hunter, Farming and Agility. He obtained the Completionist Cape on the 10th of July 2013 while getting 120 Dungeoneering.

He is now currently trying to obtain a trimmed completionist cape, making progress with Castle Wars.

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