Total level 2238
Combat level 138
Nationality Welsh
Known for Pking and merchanting

Filed is a Welsh Runescape player, mostly known for Player Killing in P2P/F2P clans and and for merchanting partyhats/crackers.

Anarchy Warlord

Warlord rank for 1 year before Chronic24 closed Anarchy.

Damage Incorperated Warlord

Warlord rank for 2 years, retired from Runescape(?) 2 months before the closure of Damage Incorperated. There has been many rumors that he scammed multiple pet-masks during the BH-era (bounty hunter era), acting as a middle man between trading party(s). He has seemed to drop off the Gilenoir map since then. Nobody knows of his whereabouts...

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