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Fishy hosting flowers on livestream, you can see from the content of his bag that he was pretty rich ingame.

Fishy (also known as DrFishyRS) was a RuneScape player who started playing back in 2002. He was a host in one of the top three (since Win All Day was banned) friend chats that hosted the flower game "Frosty Flowers". When hot and cold and flowers in general appeared on the scene, Fishy made the Fishy Flowers FC to rival other big friend chats including Dragon Dyce and Win All Day. Fishy Flowers eventually became one of the top two flower friend chats in the game on World 2. The only other friends chat that could compete with Fishy Flowers was Dragon Dyce, however the months prior to Fishy's Ban his FC was by far the biggest. Fishy still today is considered as one of the richest players to ever play RuneScape having a bank estimated to be around 250-280 billion GP, which has stained his name into history of the richest players of RuneScape.

Gaming Career

Fishy got his first amount of money from a ranger boots clue reward, then merchanted with that, getting that reward gave Fishy the chance of merchanting higher priced items and making more bank. Some time later when he merched Santa hats (Santa hats were estimated to be worth around 4-5m at the time) he got trade-scammed and quit as a consequence of being scammed. A year later Fishy came back and started to rebuild his bank. In 2007, free trade and Wilderness was removed and again Fishy quit. Fishy came back a few months later, and started to PvM more for money and skilled with Runecrafting making his cash pile grow. When free trade came back, Fishy started to stake more, and not long after he gave his account to his friend, which got his 1b or so cash stack to 10b in the friend chat Win All Day or also known then as Waddle. At the time when dicing was removed Fishy lost rank in Win All Day for account sharing when 4-5 other hosts in Win All Day were doing the exact same thing, not stopping there he got hacked for his bank, which put him back to square one again. After the events with Win All Day fiasco, Fishy started making YouTube videos under the channel DrFishyRS (now known simply as Fishy).

Fishy Flowers friends chat

Fishy owned one of the top two flower friends chats on world 2. His friends chat used to be in the north Grand Exchange area to northeast area. He has had various famous RuneScapers play and host in his friend chat including Starrychelx, Stokenut, Fawb, LastElysium, Eathuman (later known as Human) and so on. If someone collected the content of the banks of all the hosts in Fishy FC they would get a number close to 1 trillion GP, making them one of the richest clans ever to play RuneScape.

On 8 April 2015, Fishy released a video stating that he had returned to RuneScape. He currently uploads videos of himself staking in Old School RuneScape.

Real world trading

Fishy and his co-owner and friend Starrychelx were both eventually banned for RWT, as well as other hosts such as Stokenut. Fishy was banned on 16 November 2012 for real world trading, and as of this date his account is confirmed permanently banned. He has stated that he will not be taking the game serious any longer and will not be doing half as much as he used to do. He stated that instead he will be rebuilding "whatever community that is left" along with other hosts from Fishy FC and will be giving away huge amounts of GP.

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