FlabbyLlama is the player with pink hair

FlabbyLlama, known outside RuneScape as Mot Stroblitztz, is a player. When he was a low level, he used to spend a lot of time in Castle Wars.

In April 2012, he gave his account away to a random low level in Falador. The low level took Mot's account and used it almost every day for a just under a year. What the person who took over the account did not know was that later Mot would recover the account and reset the password. By recovering the account Mot managed to get a green h'ween mask, his magic to level 99 and an additional 50m that was added to the account by the player who was given the account.


FlabbyLlama joined a luring clan that disguised its self as a charity clan. The Clan was called Noob Foundation, and it would give money to low level players to gain all their trust, then they would lead the low level deep into the Wilderness with all their items and gold in their bag and FlabbyLlama, Grieevous and Qudraplegic would kill their victim for fun (not for profit). As a result of this they would rage quit from the game and many were never to be seen online again.

A good example of the Noob Foundation's luring is Sammy Bows, who was told there are monsters that drop 10,000 GP each at the end of the wilderness. It did not end well for him.

FlabbyLlama's death

FlabbyLlama was lured into the red portal (Clan Wars) by a player with a santa hat. FlabbyLlama thought there would be a drop party, but he was killed. That day FlabbyLlama lost a full set of dragon armour.

After the defeat FlabbyLlama left the Noob Foundation clan and gave his account away.

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