Flared2 in Gc20amber's Fremennik Isles Quest Guide
Total level 2420
Combat level 126
Other names Flared, FlaredDoughnut
Nationality British
Started playing February 2006
Known for Introducing Gc20Amber to RuneScape

Flared2 is a player in RuneScape who is most known for introducing Gc20Amber to the game in late 2007. He can be seen in some of her earlier pre-Evolution of Combat quest guides and 99 skill party videos.

He first heard about RuneScape from friends in late 2005 who told him about the game at school, although he did not actually join them until February 2006 after trying to search for something called "Roomscape" failed to bring up any results. He achieved 99 Fishing in October 2007. During this time he told Amber about Runescape and his constant fishing through frequent voice chat sessions between the two, and once she expressed interest in the game, he encouraged her to join.

He later gained 99 Attack in July 2008 and continued playing the game regularly until early 2010 when real life commitments and old friends quitting caused him to slowly cut down on playing. He continues to log in every now and then.

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