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Fluxii is a RuneScape player who was primarily found in World 74 Clan War's White Portal. Fluxii held a somewhat successful clan, "Brid City" of which he recruited w74's hybrids and friends.


Before the Evolution of Combat, Fluxii was commonly seen with a Cap and Goggles, Third Age Range armor, unknown matching boots, an Ava's Accumulator, and an Armadyl Godsword.

Fluxii was also commonly seen tribridding in Nex, along with a Divine Spirit Shield. Sometimes, he could be found hybridding in basic hybrid gear.


Fluxii made a sudden appearance to w74's Clan Wars community in 2011, at almost maxed combat and with little to no allies. For unknown reasons, Fluxii was hated upon arrival, and quickly found himself home in B 3 S T's friend's chat, quickly climbing the ranks to General. Fluxii was commonly found advertising for his clan chat, and recruiting new members to join.

Fluxii (left), Faith In Me (middle) , and Oh Mew (right)

After unexplainable frustrations with B 3 S T, in mid 2012, Fluxii switched sides of the Clan Wars feud, creating an anti-B 3 S T movement with Mb1911. Since the pairing, Fluxii and Mb1911 have continuously targeted B 3 S T and his followers.

Artwork by AerithStrife

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