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Forsberg888/Lynx Titan
Forsberg888 full body.png
Total level 2616
Combat level 138
Other names The Force, Forstrain, Gainzlord, Lynx Titan
Nationality Swedish
Influences Zezima, S U O M I
Achievements 2nd player to achieve 200m All, 3B XP in 1 year
Known for His incredible consistent efficiency on multiple accounts.
Clan Trimmed Skillers

Forsberg888 is a player best known for achieving 3 billion XP in 1 year. And propelling himself to Rank 2 overall, finishing shortly after Drumgun. He was ranked 143 on May 7th 2013 with 1.7bil xp, finishing on July 17th 2014. It is also widely believed he started this at the age of 16, finishing in his 17th year. Also implying according to his exp trackers, he was running nature runes and doing ZMI with 100m+ Runecrafting XP at the age of 13, back in 2010-11. He is now well on his way to becoming the first person to achieve 200m all in Old School RuneScape. With nobody else appearing to compete with his flawless efficiency to play on Lynx titan, as well as multiple alternate accounts and also achieving quite impressive efficiency, With one of his alternate accounts having surpassed 50m Runecrafting experience as of May 12th 2015.

There are many rumors about why The Force is able to dedicate his entire life to achieving 200m all skills, one being that he has Asperger's syndrome, which he himself said[1], but nonetheless it is an impressive feat if one can actually look at it objectively without needing to criticize him for doing something quite different with his life compared to the average person.

Forsberg is the only player in history that has maintained 18-19 hour days for nearly 2 years+ straight, with almost perfect efficiency on his main accounts, as well as near perfect efficiency on multiple alternate accounts.

Some people think the grind game is silly, but there is a quite elegant thing about efficient skilling. Some say it can be used to achieve a near meditation state, and Forsberg probably does alter his mindset quite a bit to some different state to be able to achieve such longevity in his efficiency every day, and also maintaining relatively perfect sleep patterns. RuneScape may be a 'dying' game, but its a very unique one at that. Forsberg should be recognized as the best player to have yet graced efficient skilling. Some say using alts, and taking advantage of SoF/TH xp promotions is 'unethical' but it is objectively the most effective and efficient way to achieve 200m skills in today's RuneScape.

Forsberg888 getting the last 200m experience for the total of 5.2b experience.


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