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A Forum Moderator, also known as a Forum Mod or FMod, is a player chosen by Jagex to help maintain the RuneScape Forums. Forum Moderators have the ability to lock threads, hide posts from public view, and mute players. Their posts on the forums can be identified with a green background. One must accept an invitation from Jagex to obtain this position. There are 69 Forum Moderators as of 25 April 2014.

Roles and abilities

Forum Moderators organise forum events, and monitor and help maintain the RuneScape Forums.[1] Any new Forum Moderator is given two "buddies", who go through the guidelines and how to use the Forum Moderator tools with the new moderator. Any time these moderators perform an action, such as locking a thread, this will be reviewed by a member of the Community Management team. The training period lasts until it is decided the Forum Moderator is ready to progress.[2] As of 25 April 2014, there are 69 Forum Moderators.[3]

Forum Moderators have the ability to lock threads (i.e., prevent users without additional forum rights from adding a new post to the thread) and hide posts from public view. They can also "escalate" threads to bring them to a Jagex Moderator's attention. In addition, Forum Moderators may move threads into another forum section, or edit the title of any thread. They cannot, however, edit the contents of other players' posts. Finally, Forum Moderators can mute users from the forums. Jagex Moderators from the Community Management team review all forum mutes given to make sure that they are fair. If a Jagex Moderator believes a Forum Moderator unfairly muted someone, they will remove the mute and give the moderator some guidance in case the moderator encounters a similar situation in the future.[4]

In the RuneScape Forums, there is a section that can only be accessed only by Forum Moderators and Jagex employees. Forum Moderators use this section to discuss situations that they have encountered, and to request the help of a Jagex Moderator. Jagex staff also provide guidelines in this section for the Forum Moderators to abide by. In-game, there are regular private meetings, called "surgeries", between Forum Moderators and Jagex staff in different locations around RuneScape.[4] During this meeting, any concerns that a Forum Moderator might have, such as a new type of rule-breaking, are discussed.[5]

Recognizing a Forum Moderator

Refer to caption. The post has a green background, and the words "Forum Mod" appear below the moderator's name and chat head.

An example of a Forum Moderator post on the RuneScape Forums

Forum Moderator posts on the RuneScape Forums have a green background, and the words "Forum Mod" appear beneath their names and chat head. In-game, however, they have no crown or any other features that may distinguish them from others.[4]

Becoming a Forum Moderator

The Community Management team at Jagex decides who should become a Forum Moderator.[6] One must accept an invitation from Jagex to receive this position. Jagex states that a Forum Moderator must be friendly, polite, and respectful towards others. Jagex expects Forum Moderators not to become hostile and abusive during debates, and further states: "potential Forum Moderators need to be able to get into a debate with other players, express their own opinions in a reasonable way, and not react in the wrong way when other people disagree." They also state that a Forum Moderator should have a lot of common sense, saying: "A good moderator is someone who will be able to make a judgement call so that any possible situation will turn out in the best possible way for the community." A user does not need to make a plethora of reports on the Forum Help thread or have a high post count to become a Forum Moderator. In fact, one may be offered this position even if they have offences on their account or their first language is not English, provided they write in English well enough to be understood.[4]

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